Thoughts on Life and Travel


The Perfect Prison (9/5/18)

Tribal Connections (4/10/18)

Autobiography (3/1/18)

Trash Talk (2-2-18)

Commonsense Frugality Applied to Run-Away Government (11-3-17)

Jellybeaners Wins the Bronze   (9-15-17)

Crawling Out of Health Care Hell

When the Internet Disappears:  The Future of Networks (5-1-17)

The Two-Tailed American Taliban (4-20-17)

Lamar Alexander:  Listening with a Robotic Ear (2-9-17)

An Open Letter to Lamar Alexander Concerning the Betsy DeVoss Nomination

Opioids and Obituaries (12-10-16)


Midwestern Lake Tour: Superior, Michigan, Dale Hollow (Fall 2017)

Texas Trek: April 2016

Camelot Rediscovered

A New Ride, Oshkosh, and The Giant Sucking Sound

Early “Into the Wind” Pieces

Gene Scott
Gene Scott