The Other Guy. 30 November 21.
The elves are on it!
Dawg. 8/25/21.  JC, TN.
Dawg. 8/25/21. JC, TN.
Cartoon by Andrew Scott
Bad hair day.
The People You Will Meet. Stanley Taterhead, who feels at home on the couch. Beware.
Nosey Neighbor
Nosey neighbor.
Looking through an old hard drive, I found this drawing. Lincoln as a hippy. 7/20/13. Copyright, Alarice Multimedia, LLC.
Hippy Lincoln.
The People You Will Meet. The Honorable Reverend Peachfuzz
Reverand Peachfuzz.
Hunka hunka Burning Elvis.
Mule Hawk.
Lotto winner.
Naked Lunch
Dog Man
Corona-Chicken. 3-11-20.
Corona chicken.

The People You Will Meet. Shirley, fry cook, studies cosmetology at night.

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