Everywhere We Look

The Big Guy is always available. Reminders are everywhere we look.

But we must first let Him in.

He believes in our freedom to choose for ourselves. And He won’t step on our freedom, like others will.

Beware of fake Christians.

If they manipulate “their religion” to entangle the simple-minded in money-making schemes: run away.

No wonder atheists look at “Christian” behavior and turn away in disgust.  

But we are not all grabbers.  Service before self = the litmus test.  

Keep the main thing the main thing:  1) Love God; 2) Love your neighbor.  

Lord, have mercy on those who use your name for their own ends. They know what they do.

And it drags us all down, and sets us beside their personal hell.

Look at the light, fear mongers and peddlers of hate.

Perceive the light.

Photo by Brenda J. Bevans, Western Illinois, 14 January 23.

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About the Author Gene Scott, a retired English and reading teacher, was born and raised on the prairie of Western Illinois, and has lived in Johnson City, Tennessee for thirty years with his much better half, Lana.

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