Once Again

From the FL3TCH3R Exhibit, ETSU, 2019
From the FL3TCH3R Exhibit, Reece Museum, ETSU, 2019

We are a beacon.  Once again.

Verse 1

People sat on their hands in ’16.
Didn’t care much for the Democratic Queen.
But now their eyes are open once again.

(Turn Around)
And they turned out in droves to defend.
What makes America the greatest land.
Egalitarian law.
We are a beacon.
Once again.

Verse 2

When 2024 rolls around,
They won’t send in another clown.
No, the next guy won’t fool around.

(Turn Around)
A death grip will choke out the truth.
Hate and fear will again rule the roost.
He’ll invent a new Jim Crow and crew.
Imprison anyone who won’t eat the stew.
Once again.

Verse 3

Freedom is never really free.
Takes vigilance from people like you and me.
We can’t wait around or we’ll be sacked.

(Turn Around)
Got to keep the Boogey Men off our backs.

Keep lights shining on science and facts.
Justice will only prevail.
If we join hands:
Female and male.
Black and white.
Yellow and red.
Once again.

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About the Author Gene Scott, a retired English and reading teacher, was born and raised on the prairie of Western Illinois, and has lived in Johnson City, Tennessee for thirty years with his much better half, Lana.

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