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AR-15s Versus Viagra (8/12/23)

The Thrill is Gone (BB King cover 7/1/23)

Jimbo (6/14/23)

Destiny (4/10/23)

How Many More Rolls?  (12/11/22)

Dear Diary  11/8/22

There Was a Time (7/26/22)

Butt Shooting Reported (7/11/22)

This Crazy Liberal Dude (7/7/22)

Full Circle (6/18/22)

Online Book Club Reviews “Jellybeaners” (4/21/22)

A True Story (4/17/22)

A Cry from Behind Prison Walls (3/9/22)

Biblical Justice? (11/6/21)

Balance (8/20/21)

Momma Mamilla (8/10/21)

Grace in a Mail Bag (4/29/21)

Famous People I Almost Met (11/12/20)

Viral Humans (3/17/20)

The Lifers’ Club (3/4/20)

Standing Tall (2/19/20)

Big Pharma Throws Shade (6/28/19)

Photographing Faith (5/3/19)

Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Thirsty   (4/19/19)

Flash Fiction:  A Plumber, a Marshmallow, and Love (3/11/19)

Cabin Fever (2/18/10)

The Perfect Prison (9/5/18)

Tribal Connections (4/10/18) Autobiography (3/1/18)

Trash Talk (2-2-18)

Commonsense Frugality Applied to Run-Away Government (11-3-17)

Jellybeaners Wins the Bronze   (9-15-17)

Crawling Out of Health Care Hell (6-28-17)

When the Internet Disappears:  The Future of Networks (5-1-17)

The Two-Tailed American Taliban (4-20-17)

Lamar Alexander:  Listening with a Robotic Ear (2-9-17)

An Open Letter to Lamar Alexander Concerning the Betsy DeVoss Nomination (1-26-17)

Opioids and Obituaries (12-10-16)


Shaker Village, Pleasant Hill, Kentucky (8/30/22)

La Fortuna, Costa Rica (2/4/2022)

Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum (12/13/21)

Blue Ridge Parkway: Spring 2021 (6/11/21)

Italy Captures the Gang of Ten (12/11/18)

Midwestern Lake Tour: Superior, Michigan, Dale Hollow (Fall 2017)

Texas Trek: April 2016

Camelot Rediscovered

A New Ride, Oshkosh, and The Giant Sucking Sound

Early "Into the Wind" Pieces
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